Starknet Alpha v0.13.0



Jan 4th 2024


Starknet Alpha v0.13.0 Vote

The Starknet Governance Committee is excited to announce the launch of the third vote on Starknet protocol upgrade - Starknet Alpha v0.13.0. The vote is now live on the Starknet Governance Hub for five days. Delegates will be able to vote any time between January 4th, 2024, 12 PM UTC, and January 8th, 2024, 12 PM UTC. Everyone with voting power (STRK token holders and delegates) is invited to vote on whether to approve this version (Starknet Alpha v0.13.0) for Mainnet deployment. The vote will be conducted via Snapshot and will require a simple majority.

You can find more information about How to vote on the Starknet Governance Hub. Besides voting, we encourage ALL Starknet community members, even those without voting power, to engage in discussing this version and voice their opinions about the proposed upgrade all community members are welcome to share their feedback on this version upgrade to Mainnet. They can do so in the community Forum post and/or on Snapshot. Just click the vote's proposal link and take part in navigating the future of Starknet.

Starknet Alpha v0.13.0 Information

Starknet Alpha v0.13.0 focuses on 2 aspects: It lays the groundwork for a new transaction version, v3, and it will facilitate a significant reduction in transaction fees. Starknet Alpha v0.13.0 has been deployed on Goerli testnet and Sepolia testnet on December 12th and December 13th, respectively.

Here are the relevant links for Starknet Alpha v0.13.0:


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Final Results

99.86% For

1.6b STRK

0% Against


0.14% Abstain

2.2m STRK


No votes